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Ryoji Mochizuki

Name: Ryoji Mochizuki
Age: 17 (ish, kind of)
Canon: Persona 3
Canon Point: Right before January 1st
Appearance: Ryoji is a lean young man with black hair and bright blue eyes and a beauty mark under one eye.
Birthday: Good question
Canon Abilities: Ryoji is the Shadow representing the Death Arcana, meant to summon Nyx to the world at which point she will destroy it. To this end, he has a Shadow form and some various powers associated with it that he will never, ever use unless he has to, and is completely immune to all damage.
History: Wiki here
Personality: Ryoji is charming, cheerful, and flirtatious- he doesn't even seem to realize he's hitting on people, he just... does it. However, since his reawakening, Ryoji has also be wrecked with guilt over the simple fact that he exists and what he is meant to do. He does not believe himself to be worthwhile in any shape or form, but prizes those close to him over all things.
Power: Teleportation within a world- he can take one person with him as long as they are touching.
Price: His ring that he bought in Kyoto- it was cheap and plastic, but he really misses having it and the reminder of those good times.
Acceptance Month: July
Acclimation Level: 7
Summary of Game History: He just got here. He likes it.
Answers are formatted "IC | OOC".
Physical Affection: Yes good he likes hugs | Yup
Violence: Do we have to fight...? | Sure, lmk if he's likely to get seriously hurt.
Death: He probably deserves it. | Discuss with me beforehand.
Sexual Content: YES | Yup.
Power Usage: Sure, if you want? | Unless it's violent, go ahead (ask before violence)
Mind Reading: That's a little weird... | Sure, just let me know.

Answers are based on OOC preference only.
Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Ask just in case, but usually yes
Fourth Wall Breaking: I'm a little iffy on that, but if there's a good reason they'd recognize him then sure.
Sensitive Subjects: Go ahead
Please warn for...: I'm good with reading most things.
OK Kinks: Most anything not in no go tbh
No Go Kinks: Anything bathroom related, generally ask about anything that might count as 'extreme' since Ryoji has no fucking idea what he's doing
Name: Bookie
Contact: plurk @ bookworm12890
OOC Journal: [personal profile] sozettaslow
HMD: Here
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"Hi! You're reached Ryoji's phone... leave me a message!"


Nov. 16th, 2016 06:12 pm
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 If you are uncomfortable threading with Ryoji, or don't wish to play with me, drop me a comment here and I will respect your request. All comments are screened.
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"Hi! You're reached Ryoji's phone... leave me a message!"
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Any comments or critique on how I play Ryoji? Please let me know here! Anon is on. Constructive crit is extremely welcome; flames will be ignored.
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